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Hospitality Technology is the one of the only types of media and predictive intelligence resources that is exclusively comitted to assisting hotel and restaurant owners to use technology that helps to improve the performance of their businesses.

New food technology and science is everywhere we look and is being implemened in many different ways.
Some of the latest technology trends in the Hospitality Industry and food industry are.

1. Voice Search & Voice Control
Voice search on smart phones is an ever growing technology trend within hospitality and restaurants because a growing number of customers and guests are now turning to use voice search applications to find hotels and places to eat.

Video: Examples Voice Control Within Hospitality

2. Contactless Payments
Using contactless payment options provide many advantages for restaurants, bars and cafes, hotels and resorts which is the reason why this has been among the main technology trends within the hospitality and restaurant industry in recent times.

Video: How Do Contactless Payments Works?

3. Robots in Hotels & Restaurants
This is what we feel is the one of the most exciting technology trends the hospitality industry. With the the rise of robotics and using robots to perform tasks normally done by real humans.

Video: Robot Hotels is straight out of the future

Video: Robots doing the Cooking – The Restaurants of the Future

4. Chatbot applications.
New chatbot apps used on smart phones and desktop computers have been popping up in the hospitality technology industry trend for many years now. Especially since the birth of the first iphone.

5. VR (Virtual Reality)
VR technology is now trending in the hospitality and food industry. It can allow customers to take a look at the Restaurants or hotels to make sure they are happy with the look and feel before they make a booking or seat at a table were they wish to dine.

6. Mobile Phone Check-Ins
Mobile check-in technology for checking into your favourite restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel is another important area to consider because it helps improve customer experience apon their initial arrival. This also helps to reduce long waiting times at airport check-ins

Use mobile check-in

7. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
With current modern day technologies, patrons are now expecting to be able to interact with hospitality companies using several digital channels in order to receive rapid responses.

How A.I. can Enhance the Guest Experience | Benjamin Calleja – Livit | HotelSpaces

8. Internet of Things (IoT)
One of the other now common technological trends within hospitality management is what is referred to as ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT. This technology involves extending internet connectivity to everyday objects, appliances and devices.

Example: The Internet of Things comes for the hotel network

9. Augmented Reality (AR)
Augmented reality is a very important concept within hospitality management. It allows hotels and other closley related businesses to enhance the physical environments they are selling products such as their hotel rooms and seating in restaurants. AR can also enhance the experience of the surrounding area’s.

Example: Augmented reality within the hospitality industry

10 Big Data.
Within the hotel and food industry, big data enables businesses to identify new and current trends. Hotel and restaurant owners use big data for revenue management purposes.

Example: Big Data and predictive analysis

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